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Integrative Health Philosophy

At Hyde Park Medical Acupuncture, we believe in an integrative approach to healthcare.  We want to work with you, your primary care physician, specialists and other healthcare team members, to optimally meet your needs and improve your quality of life.

Your acupuncture-based treatment is directed towards:

  •  your goals for healing, and/or regaining and maintaining your health

  • supporting your efforts to achieve a desired quality of life

  • giving you a calm and relaxing treatment experience

  • being mindful and respectful of your concerns and questions

Uyen Duong, MD

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Comparing conventional western medicine with acupuncture is challenging. While both are treatment modalities, they represent two completely different paradigms.


In classical Chinese medicine, "qi" or "energy" or "life force" flows throughout the body in a system of channels. There are areas of the the body where this "qi" is more accessible for treatment. These are the acupuncture points. 


When there are blockages or imbalances to the flow of qi, either as a result of innate constitution or environmental influences or a combination of the two, illness (either clinical or subclinical) results. 


The same pattern of blockages or imbalance of qi is manifested by different symptoms from person to person. For example one particular qi imbalance can manifest as chronic headache in one person, chronic neck pain in another, chronic back pain in another, anxiety in another, and etc. This is why acupuncture treatments at Hyde Park Medical Acupuncture are individualized based on a patient's history and acupuncture physical exam. Often, acupuncture points are selected based on how they affect the patient's exam in real time. Thus more one-on-one time is required for this technique.


The initial acupuncture consultation and treatment consists of 2 visits within one week.  The first takes approximately 60-90 minutes and entails obtaining your reasons for seeking acupuncture,  treatment goals, medical history, acupuncture physical exam and initial acupuncture treatment.  The second visit takes approximately 30 minutes and consists of a review of the effects of the first treatment, and a follow up treatment.  Afterwards we work together to formulate your individualized treatment plan. 

Subsequent visits take approximately 45-60 minutes.  We will continue to make adjustments in your treatments as necessary to optimize your well being. 

After scheduling your appointment, we will send you an email with the necessary patient forms to complete prior to your appointment.  

Please dress in loose clothing such as a short sleeve t-shirt (or tank top) and loose pants (that can be rolled up to mid thigh) or shorts.  A changing room is available for your convenience.


Acupuncture is most often applied to pain syndromes (acute and chronic) such as migraine headaches, chronic or acute musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries; post operative nausea; dental pain; digestive issues; menopausal symptoms; cancer support therapy; stress related symptoms such as insomnia; addiction; dysmenorrhea, colic etc.

Many people also seek acupuncture treatments on a regular basis as a health maintenance strategy.


Japanese Body and Scalp Acupuncture for adults and older children

Auricular Therapy 

for adults and older children

Pediatric Acupuncture for younger children and infants

Non-insertive techniques for needle averse patients and young pediatric patients


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